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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Dealing With A Broken Spring?

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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken Spring Replacement - Stamford

It’s a bad idea to try opening an overhead garage door on a broken spring. Best case scenario, you’ll inflict unnecessary wear and tear on the lift cables and opener that will cause them to break down too. Worst case, you could have a catastrophic door failure that might cause vehicle damage or even personal injury. That said, trying to replace a broken garage door spring without professional training is even riskier! Luckily, experienced spring replacement technicians are available at short notice and at reasonable prices. For Stamford area garage door owners, new springs are always less than a day away when you need them!

Why Garage Door Springs Break

Some homeowners wonder if they did something wrong when one of their garage door springs breaks. In truth, while getting regular maintenance and upkeep for your garage door might increase their lifespan somewhat, these springs are not expected to last forever. Every model of garage door spring has an estimated lifespan in opening-closing cycles that it will break at the end of. Years of lifting all that heavy weight and sitting under high-tension compression will wear anything down! Assuming you open your garage door an average of twice per day, a cheap spring lasts from 4-9 years, while higher quality ones last up to 15. In any case, you will need to replace them eventually, and when you do you’ll need professional expertise.

Replacing Worn Or Broken Springs

One thing you can do to make garage door spring replacement less bothersome is to keep track of their lifespans and plan replacement before they break. When your springs get visibly worn, it might be worth it to switch them out now before they break on you at the worst moment. If you missed the warning signs and your springs already broke, there’s no need to panic. Our Stamford team is on call every day and takes emergency house calls that’ll get your new springs in place within just hours.

Best Stamford Area Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

Whether you use extension or torsion springs, we stock replacements of the size and model you need. Schedule a spring repair appointment in advance, or use our same-day emergency broken spring replacement service for the Stamford area. If you’ve been caught flat-footed by a broken spring, let our local professional garage door repairmen take care of it anytime.


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