Garage Door Maintenance

Lubricating the Opener’s Hardware

Even if you have a belt drive opener, it will still require proper luGarage Door Repair Stamford Door Springsbrication. We are meticulous when it comes to lubricating the parts between the moving trolley and the stationary rail, where friction occurs. If you have a chain or screw drive unit, the metal chain or rod inside the rail should also get proper lubrication. The key is to apply small amounts of the product at equal intervals. After we run the door a few times, the opener will work smoothly and more quietly.

Keeping Rollers in Good Condition

Our first task is to check them for wearing and damage. Count on us to replace rollers with worn wheels or twisted stems with matching ones quickly. Replacing worn components is an integral part of our garage door maintenance services. If you have all-steel rollers, we will lubricate them properly.

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