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Don’t let a broken spring or a malfunctioning opener ruin your day. Let us deal with the problem quickly and professionally. At Garage Door Repair  Stamford, we offer the full range of services that you may need from fixing and replacing parts to installing new doors and electric operators. Count on us for fast emergency assistance and for Scheduled Maintenance too.

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Garage Door Maintainance

It starts with inspection of all components from the bottom seal to the remote controls.
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Replacing garage door opener

Garage Door Openers

When you try to run the opener, but it only makes grinding sounds without
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Same day service

Garage Door Springs

When the door is hard to open or to stay closed, torsion spring adjustment
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Strange sounds, slow opening and difficulties with closing are all signs that it’s Garage Door Repair Stamford fix benttrackstime for repair. If you ignore them, the damage will become greater and more difficult to fix. Share the problem with us and we will eliminate it in the shortest time. Inspection and testing will reveal what’s wrong with the system exactly. Damaged panels can typically be restored fully unless most of the surface is affected. Count on us to fix bent tracks with straightening techniques which have been proven to work. Worn and broken hardware parts including those of the opener require immediate replacement. We use spare components of the highest quality only.

The time for replacing an existing garage door will come

Most Garage_Door_Repair_StamfordCt_replacing_existing_garage_doormodern units can last for over three decades, but the daily use and the elements will take their toll eventually. When getting a new door, you will need new hardware too. The old parts will most likely not work effectively and may even cause damage. Our technicians have tons of experience in installation and do the job swiftly. Precision is key as every component has to be adjusted in the right place. This is extremely important especially for the tracks and the springs.

Should the opener be replaced with the door too?

If it’s malfunctioning or outdated, this would be a great solution. If the unit is much heavier than the previous one, changing the motor is mandatory as more horsepower will be needed for opening and closing. When it comes to opener installation, the travel limits and the force must be set accurately. We will do the job perfectly.

Emergencies include situations where the overhead door cannot be opened andGarage Door Repair Opener Services there is a considerable safety risk for both people and property. You can rely completely on Garage Door Repair in Stamford in such cases. Quick response is paramount in such situations and we’ve got you covered. The most common emergency solutions involve broken spring or cable replacement. To ensure that the new component works exactly as it should, we test the system several times. This is a golden rule for confirming the desired end result.

To help homeowners keep the risk of damage and malfunction to the minimum, our company provides professional maintenance services. The best result is achieved when each component gets the care that it requires. Torsion springs and metal rollers need proper lubrication. With cleaning and repainting, the panels get the ideal protection from damage. When parts are fixed or replaced on time, you won’t have to worry about finding your door off the track or completely stuck.
Garage Door Repair Stamford
Garage Door Repair Stamford

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